How we became ngage

From the very beginning in 2005 to today’s experienced team of experts. Our rapid growth was no coincidence: we have a unique advantage and are committed to our vision.

How it all started

2005: the high-speed train to Paris. François-Xavier, Christophe and Gaëtan have just completed a successful Accenture project at GDF Suez. They covered all the fields between them and enjoyed their collaboration. The first plans for their own company see the light.

2006: business as usual for François-Xavier and Gaëtan. Christophe leaves Accenture for the world of SMEs and dashboards.

2008: The three meet up and resume their former plans, heralding the start of numerous brainstorming/pizza sessions.

2009: One client and one employee. That was the beginning of ngage.

Now: several years later there are numerous satisfied clients and a strong team of more than 50 employees and external partners.

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Trusted advisors from day one

What was our vision at the outset? To become your trusted advisor. A partner that offers you qualitative, unambiguous advice and earns your trust.

Our advantage: we bundle a considerable amount of knowledge and experience in a small company. And we want to keep it that way so that we can continue to achieve our vision and our mission.

Our vision

  • Become a trusted advisor on high impact initiatives.
  • Engage our Clients’ objectives into better results through:
    • business understanding
    • qualitative methodology
  • Partner with our Clients to reach their global and/or specific objectives.

Our mission

  • Execute the Client strategy by translating it into its capabilities.
  • Transform the Clients’ business, by applying a holistic approach, and integrating Business Processes, Organization and Information Management as a whole.
  • Deliver concrete & sustainable solutions on the field.

We anticipate your needs from the very first discussion.