Our team: combined strengths

Our directors still work for clients every day. Together with internal and external ngagers they form intelligent, flexible teams. To enable you to efficiently achieve your objectives.

This is ngage

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External seasoned experts

We can also rely on our external partners. They consist of five senior experts with experience in Finance, HR, IT and Enterprise Architecture etc. They occupy top jobs in their sector and thus contribute unique expertise.

Their knowledge and experience complements us. They enjoy working for us and do so on an exclusive basis. What advantage does this offer you? Specific recommendations that enable you to get started.

A team of combined strengths

An operating model and business process re-engineering, developing the organisational structure, translating it into the right profiles and assessing the impact on your IT? Few do it more efficiently than we do.

Here’s an example: One director (0.2 FTE), project manager (0.5 FTE) and between one and two consultants bundle the skills and experience for making the project a success. Efficient, flexible and financially feasible as a result!

Achieve your objectives. Efficiently and with long-lasting results.