How driving HR digital transformation can help you attract and retain your talents

HR digital transformation

In our private lives, we use every day many applications that enable us in a few clicks to order food, to sell our unused clothes, to get inspired with personalized content or to watch our favorite movies. However, things become more complicated when it comes to recording our leave requests, choosing the best training to develop our professional skills or simply being informed about the latest breaking news of our company! However, nowadays employees are increasingly expecting the same 2-clicks experience at work as they do in their private lives.

Employees now want to be quickly informed and served through user-friendly and intuitive tools at work. More newsworthy than ever, this evolution is reinforced by the continuous changes in our ways of working and by the thin boundaries that exist between our professional and private lives, forcing us to rethink the way we interact at work and how we can better support the business in a digital way.

Employee experience has now become a key focus for organizations as they want to differentiate themselves to attract, engage and retain talents. Well-being and work environment are also becoming key priorities to ensure that employees remain engaged, motivated and involved in their role, which has a direct impact on their performance and ultimately, on the business results.

Therefore, companies should proactively listen, understand, and embrace the needs of their employees’ in the way they behave, work and feel connected with others. Moreover, it is important to reduce complexity and unnecessary tasks to free up time so employees can focus on activities that have more added value for the business. Embracing digitalization is one of the levers to modernize the current processes with a double objective: increase business agility and promote a productive and positive employee experience.

By enhancing the employee experience, companies are showing their willingness to prioritize their commitment to their employees. It enables employees to benefit from a quicker service and  a better access to information as they are equipped with adequate tools and technology that reflect their personal habits. Equipping your staff with simplified and connected solutions indeed allows to better manage the administrative tasks at any time and with autonomy.

Streamlining and digitalizing HR processes also provides the HR team with data and analytics that facilitates fact-based decision making process and  gives the opportunity to focus on more strategic and higher value added activities that better support the business priorities. However, offering an optimal and innovative work culture requires constant work and continuous improvement mindset.

HR needs to constantly keep up to speed with the evolution in the employee experience and ensure to provide a similar experience at work to attract and retain tops talents in the organization.

Need help to transform and digitalize your HR processes? You want to provide a unique employee experience.  Find out how ngage can support you in this journey while taking into account your company culture and your business priorities.

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