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ngage announces the appointment of 4 new Directors

Brussels, 13th of January 2020, ngage announces the appointment of 4 new Directors

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DISRUPTION IN CONSULTING: respond, adapt and reinvent.

Consultancies support their clients in a multitude of ways. As a result, while the global economy seems to be slowing down, the consulting industry continues to enjoy robust growth. However, traditional consulting firms are facing a growing number of challenges like the rise of new business models and pressures exerted by consultancies of different shapes, sizes and flavors. Many surveys even reflect some concerns about the future of the industry. Before shaking up the whole system, if we start by changing these ten not-so-little things?

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Behind the theory, discover how to leverage the lessons-learnt of the "Bi-Modal" paradigm!

We are in a VUCA - volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous – environment, that is putting the IT departments of large and small organisations under pressure. Change is coming more rapidly and is more and more driven by technological innovations.

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