Are you an ngager?

Proactive, service-minded, value-driven and team oriented. This is the ngage DNA. If you have it, we have a lot to offer you. Will you become the next ngager ?

This is the ngage DNA.

Proactive and results-oriented

You don’t wait for results. You contribute until the objective is achieved and ensure that you always provide added value. What if something doesn’t go to plan? No problem, because you are standing by with plan B and plan C.

Service-minded, open-minded

You provide advice and state a clear preference, but never impose anything. You constantly question yourself, are open to input and always show respect for the client’s opinion.


Stewardship, integrity and commitment are not empty words to you. You apply them every day in practice and thus, as a trusted advisor, earn the client’s respect and trust.

Team oriented

A team is more than the sum of its members. That’s why you are a team player, internally and with regard to the client. You know what is going on, assess the impact on the project and achieve better results.


As ngagers we also attach considerable value to entrepreneurship. Let’s discuss it during our first meeting.

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What’s in it for you?

If you have ngage DNA we have a lot to offer you.

 Personal development

On-the-job coaching, internal and external training. Informal and formal feedback, at least once per project. We take your development seriously and coach you in your role as a consultant.

Intellectual curiosity

You won’t be bored by routine with us. We constantly challenge you with multidisciplinary, multidimensional and especially interesting projects, with a clear impact for the client. Your work matters!

Top team spirit

You will soon find your place in our team and be made to feel part of it. You will also learn a lot from your colleagues. And that’s not all, working with us is enjoyable. There’s a fantastic atmosphere and lots of fun: that is also ngage : )

Spontaneous application

Would you like to help our clients achieve their objectives? And do you have what it takes to be an ngager? If so, let us know. Valuable team members are always welcome!

We will first examine your knowledge and experience. So send us your CV and letter of motivation. If you are interested in working in Brussels then you are at least trilingual (French, Dutch and English). If you want to work in Luxembourg then you have to speak French and English and ideally also German or Luxembourgish.

We will get back to you as soon as possible.